Noltaire - The Five Kingdoms

Session 4

Where Did My Alcohol Go?

Party arrives in town.

Liall aquires a fine violin instrument from a dwarf merchant.

Kassius speaks with the captain of the guards about a job infiltration the magicals and kidnapping their child prophet.

Hei finds out about a dagger that when found by someone, they dissappear.

He speaks to the inn keeper of the Six-Tooth Tart to find the wife of the recent man who dissappeared after finding the dagger, Sara.

Hei makes a deal with a water elemental to stop the rain.

The party wakes up the next day to set out to their prospective journeys.

Kassius and Bruda head to the Captain of the Guards to accept the quest to infiltrate the magic ghetto.

Liall and Hei are looking into the magical dagger rumors.



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