Noltaire - The Five Kingdoms

Session 5

Damn Stray Dogs!

  • Kassius and Bruda agree to help captain find and infiltrate the magic ghetto. They are given a crude layout of the town on a piece of parchment marking where magicals have been meeting in the town.
  • The first location is a lumber storage building near the docks. They meet there around dusk.
  • The second location is the middle of the park where they meet at pre-dawn.
  • Liall & Hei meet with Sara, the wife of the man who recently dissappeared after aquiring the strange dagger. She says that he had last been seen in the fields and tending to the chickens in the barn.
  • They find a rune burned into the ground under the straw in the chicken barn.
  • Hei turns into a hawk and starts scouting the town for more runes.
  • Hei and Liall find 4 runes in the town, which connected make a diamond shape. They find a fifth rune in the center in one of the inn’s rooms.
  • Bruda and Kassius go to the docks and do a stakeout to see if any magicals show up. A young woman appears in a cloak, sees them and leaves.
  • They try to trail her, but get struck by a runaway cart rolling down the hill. Kassius buys new clothing after his old ones get burned.
  • Kassius and Bruda go to the park without their weapons and Kassius without his armor. They meet two young men who ask them if they are also waiting for Anovir. Kassius says they are also waiting.
  • They meet with Anovir who gives them a quest to find Platinum Moon, an herb guarded by territorial monsters. Its leaves have a silver sheen in the moonlight. He also hands them a leather pouch of spell components. He will come back in 3 days and take them to the wise woman once they have the spell components.
  • Hei makes rounds in the city looking for people in a strange trance. He notices the inn keeper is stroking the dagger in a trance. He turns into a mouse and observes. He turns into an owl and wraps the dagger in cloth and flies through the window with it. A guard outside witnesses it and tries to follow him. Hei drops the dagger in a pile of straw near the chicken barn.
  • Kassius and Bruda go to the hills and end up in a fight with territorial Pegasuses. Bruda cuts one of them clean through with her sword. She scares the others off, but attracts the attention of a hill troll.
  • Kassius and Bruda fight the troll and Kassius hamstrings the troll which goes rolling down the hill and breaks through into what appears to be some kind of ancient ruin or man made cave.
  • Hei & Liall leave together to look for the Inn keeper.
  • Bruda and Kassius collect several more plants that match the description of the herb and camp in the first room past the troll carcass for the night.



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