Noltaire - The Five Kingdoms

Session 6

Magical Slums and Cursed Daggers

  • Liall and Hei track down the inn keeper in the trade distric talking to one of the merchants. Liall lip reads that she is talking about the dagger and a cult to the merchant.
  • Hei sees the woman who he met a couple days earlier in the inn that was also interested in the dagger. She is also spying on the inn keeper from the alleyway. He sneaks up on her and asks her what she knows. She wants to destroy the dagger and offers to help. Hei takes her to the storage facility to talk in private about it.
  • Bruda and Kassius camp in the inner room of the dungeon. They find a classroom with nautical maps on the wall.
  • Bruda and Kassius get let to the Magical Ghetto by Anovir and meet Mari and Dokian.
  • Bruda aquires a bottle of blue smoke that when poured, creates something.
  • Kassius is given an amulet that when rubbed and a target declared, that target cannot harm the person with the amulet.
  • Liall escaped a cult tower in a nearby village and aquired a magical sword that sometimes ignights things in blue flames.
  • Liall gets back to King Cove an gathers a large group of the townsfolk and tells them a tale of evil magical cultists.
  • Kassius and Bruda escort a bound and gagged Dokian & Anovir to the keep alongside captain Markus and another guard.
  • Hei trails them from a distance.



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