Noltaire - The Five Kingdoms

Session 9

I didn't think dwarves could get any shorter.

  • Kassius Makes a deal with the cultist leader to exchange a lessened sentence for information on how to release Leeron's soul from the book.
  • The party deals with local youngins who are using demonic dogs to kill farm animals.
  • The party learns that destroying the book with magic will release the soul back to the owner.
  • Kassius stabs his dragon fang into the book, destroying it.
  • The party follows a trail of Liall's magic to a valley with tents and animated statues. There were humanoids walking about trading goods. Strange portals with people entering and leaving are scattered about.
  • Kassius learns that the Bazaar is run by a man named Magister Arkus.
  • The party sees four large statues surrounding them.



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