Noltaire - The Five Kingdoms

Session 2
Fuck the Dungeon, Throw the Sea Monster at Them

Party runs into some gnolls while camping in the entrance of the keep.

The party charges to fight the monsters and Kassius collapses into a hole.
Hei also gets shoved into the hole.

The party manages to kill the monsters, then Hei finds himself being attacked by some large rats.

The rats are killed, Liall enters the next room. Kassius follows her in. She hums a song and the doorway in between the two rooms collapses and the party is seperated.

The party decides to look for civilization after the story dies down a bit.

They make their way to Spinetooth Bay. The party beds down for the night at the local inn. The next morning Kassius goes to the docks looking for transport to the capital city of Indromere. The merchant won’t go out until a large sea monster is taken care of.

Kassius speaks to Sibis Longspear who agrees to pay Kassius 200 coin for the death of the creature.

Hei goes outside town to attune with the local nature spirits.

Kassius finds Hei a few hundred feet from the town. Hei encounters a tortoise.

The party gets together at the inn then heads towards the docks.

The party heads out to sea and encounters the sea monster Tablor.

The party defeats Tablor, but at the loss of the ship and three crew members.

Kassius is bitten by some kind of sea eel and feels poison run up his arm.

The Captain helps Kassius with his poison and the party make it back to shore.

The party is paid 200 coins by the captain.

The party goes back to the inn to tell tale and celebrate. A ragged elf comes in pleading for the party to help him save his son. He promises them a family heirloom in exchange for their help.

Session 1
Undead, Undead everywhere

Party winds up in nasty sea storm while aboard a sailing vessel bound for Indromere.

Party unconscious washes up on a beach of one of the islands.

They head toward a keep where in the courtyard they encounter skeletons. Bruda then attracts the attention of a group of zombies.

Bruda goes to attack the zombies and stirs up some strange lizard that bites her. The bite slowly starts turning her to stone.

The party defeats all of the monsters and camps from an oncoming sea storm.

Character Creation
An Adventure is Born!

Talk about DW and how system works.

Character creation process:

  1. Choose Class
  2. Choose/create name
  3. One on One
  • What do you hate most in the world?
  • What would you like to change in the world?
  • What do you love the most?
  • What kind of friends do you have?
  • How do you feel about authority/military/police/government?
  • What do you look like?
  • How did you end up in your profession?
  • Who are your (or your profession’s) enemies?
  • What do you think is worth fighting for?
  • Where were you born? What class do you belong to?


  • Short term (3)
  • Medium (1)
  • Long (1)
  • What goals do people in this profession have?

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