Noltaire - The Five Kingdoms

Character Creation
An Adventure is Born!

Talk about DW and how system works.

Character creation process:

  1. Choose Class
  2. Choose/create name
  3. One on One
  • What do you hate most in the world?
  • What would you like to change in the world?
  • What do you love the most?
  • What kind of friends do you have?
  • How do you feel about authority/military/police/government?
  • What do you look like?
  • How did you end up in your profession?
  • Who are your (or your profession’s) enemies?
  • What do you think is worth fighting for?
  • Where were you born? What class do you belong to?


  • Short term (3)
  • Medium (1)
  • Long (1)
  • What goals do people in this profession have?
Session 1
Undead, Undead everywhere

Party winds up in nasty sea storm while aboard a sailing vessel bound for Indromere.

Party unconscious washes up on a beach of one of the islands.

They head toward a keep where in the courtyard they encounter skeletons. Bruda then attracts the attention of a group of zombies.

Bruda goes to attack the zombies and stirs up some strange lizard that bites her. The bite slowly starts turning her to stone.

The party defeats all of the monsters and camps from an oncoming sea storm.

Session 2
Fuck the Dungeon, Throw the Sea Monster at Them

Party runs into some gnolls while camping in the entrance of the keep.

The party charges to fight the monsters and Kassius collapses into a hole.
Hei also gets shoved into the hole.

The party manages to kill the monsters, then Hei finds himself being attacked by some large rats.

The rats are killed, Liall enters the next room. Kassius follows her in. She hums a song and the doorway in between the two rooms collapses and the party is seperated.

The party decides to look for civilization after the story dies down a bit.

They make their way to Spinetooth Bay. The party beds down for the night at the local inn. The next morning Kassius goes to the docks looking for transport to the capital city of Indromere. The merchant won’t go out until a large sea monster is taken care of.

Kassius speaks to Sibis Longspear who agrees to pay Kassius 200 coin for the death of the creature.

Hei goes outside town to attune with the local nature spirits.

Kassius finds Hei a few hundred feet from the town. Hei encounters a tortoise.

The party gets together at the inn then heads towards the docks.

The party heads out to sea and encounters the sea monster Tablor.

The party defeats Tablor, but at the loss of the ship and three crew members.

Kassius is bitten by some kind of sea eel and feels poison run up his arm.

The Captain helps Kassius with his poison and the party make it back to shore.

The party is paid 200 coins by the captain.

The party goes back to the inn to tell tale and celebrate. A ragged elf comes in pleading for the party to help him save his son. He promises them a family heirloom in exchange for their help.

Session 3
There Be Dragons Here!

The party travels with the elven man to find his son Celadel at the keep.

The party travels the keep and kills a small black dragon.

They camp for the night in the keep’s kitchen.

Bruda gets hit in the side of the head with a book.

Liall finds out that the library will provide books when thinking about different subjects.

Party catches a boat to King Cove on a merchant ship. It took two days.

Session 4
Where Did My Alcohol Go?

Party arrives in town.

Liall aquires a fine violin instrument from a dwarf merchant.

Kassius speaks with the captain of the guards about a job infiltration the magicals and kidnapping their child prophet.

Hei finds out about a dagger that when found by someone, they dissappear.

He speaks to the inn keeper of the Six-Tooth Tart to find the wife of the recent man who dissappeared after finding the dagger, Sara.

Hei makes a deal with a water elemental to stop the rain.

The party wakes up the next day to set out to their prospective journeys.

Kassius and Bruda head to the Captain of the Guards to accept the quest to infiltrate the magic ghetto.

Liall and Hei are looking into the magical dagger rumors.

Session 5
Damn Stray Dogs!
  • Kassius and Bruda agree to help captain find and infiltrate the magic ghetto. They are given a crude layout of the town on a piece of parchment marking where magicals have been meeting in the town.
  • The first location is a lumber storage building near the docks. They meet there around dusk.
  • The second location is the middle of the park where they meet at pre-dawn.
  • Liall & Hei meet with Sara, the wife of the man who recently dissappeared after aquiring the strange dagger. She says that he had last been seen in the fields and tending to the chickens in the barn.
  • They find a rune burned into the ground under the straw in the chicken barn.
  • Hei turns into a hawk and starts scouting the town for more runes.
  • Hei and Liall find 4 runes in the town, which connected make a diamond shape. They find a fifth rune in the center in one of the inn’s rooms.
  • Bruda and Kassius go to the docks and do a stakeout to see if any magicals show up. A young woman appears in a cloak, sees them and leaves.
  • They try to trail her, but get struck by a runaway cart rolling down the hill. Kassius buys new clothing after his old ones get burned.
  • Kassius and Bruda go to the park without their weapons and Kassius without his armor. They meet two young men who ask them if they are also waiting for Anovir. Kassius says they are also waiting.
  • They meet with Anovir who gives them a quest to find Platinum Moon, an herb guarded by territorial monsters. Its leaves have a silver sheen in the moonlight. He also hands them a leather pouch of spell components. He will come back in 3 days and take them to the wise woman once they have the spell components.
  • Hei makes rounds in the city looking for people in a strange trance. He notices the inn keeper is stroking the dagger in a trance. He turns into a mouse and observes. He turns into an owl and wraps the dagger in cloth and flies through the window with it. A guard outside witnesses it and tries to follow him. Hei drops the dagger in a pile of straw near the chicken barn.
  • Kassius and Bruda go to the hills and end up in a fight with territorial Pegasuses. Bruda cuts one of them clean through with her sword. She scares the others off, but attracts the attention of a hill troll.
  • Kassius and Bruda fight the troll and Kassius hamstrings the troll which goes rolling down the hill and breaks through into what appears to be some kind of ancient ruin or man made cave.
  • Hei & Liall leave together to look for the Inn keeper.
  • Bruda and Kassius collect several more plants that match the description of the herb and camp in the first room past the troll carcass for the night.
Session 6
Magical Slums and Cursed Daggers
  • Liall and Hei track down the inn keeper in the trade distric talking to one of the merchants. Liall lip reads that she is talking about the dagger and a cult to the merchant.
  • Hei sees the woman who he met a couple days earlier in the inn that was also interested in the dagger. She is also spying on the inn keeper from the alleyway. He sneaks up on her and asks her what she knows. She wants to destroy the dagger and offers to help. Hei takes her to the storage facility to talk in private about it.
  • Bruda and Kassius camp in the inner room of the dungeon. They find a classroom with nautical maps on the wall.
  • Bruda and Kassius get let to the Magical Ghetto by Anovir and meet Mari and Dokian.
  • Bruda aquires a bottle of blue smoke that when poured, creates something.
  • Kassius is given an amulet that when rubbed and a target declared, that target cannot harm the person with the amulet.
  • Liall escaped a cult tower in a nearby village and aquired a magical sword that sometimes ignights things in blue flames.
  • Liall gets back to King Cove an gathers a large group of the townsfolk and tells them a tale of evil magical cultists.
  • Kassius and Bruda escort a bound and gagged Dokian & Anovir to the keep alongside captain Markus and another guard.
  • Hei trails them from a distance.
Session 7
A Party Member Falls
  • Kassius and Bruda enter the main throne room with Dokian, Anovir and the captain of the guards.
  • Hei turns into a bird and circles the keep. He then enters a tower window after turning into a mouse.
  • The three party members enter the throne room. Fight ensues between the countess, her two gaurds and the three party members.
  • Hei doesn't make it and Kassius falls down a shoot into the basement of the keep.
  • Party gets back together and has a funeral for Hei.
  • Leeron the Wizard joins the party
  • The party awaits their award from Dokian the next day for their sacrifices in getting him back on the throne.
Session 8
Lost Souls
  • The party burned Hei's body after he had fallen.
  • Leeron joined the party.
  • The party investigated the tower where the monster was released from the pool.
  • The party got access to the lower levels where they found a portal to a strange pocket dimension.
  • Leeron opened the book and lost his soul.
  • The party also found a flask that sucked the evil pool's liquid into it.
Session 9
I didn't think dwarves could get any shorter.
  • Kassius Makes a deal with the cultist leader to exchange a lessened sentence for information on how to release Leeron's soul from the book.
  • The party deals with local youngins who are using demonic dogs to kill farm animals.
  • The party learns that destroying the book with magic will release the soul back to the owner.
  • Kassius stabs his dragon fang into the book, destroying it.
  • The party follows a trail of Liall's magic to a valley with tents and animated statues. There were humanoids walking about trading goods. Strange portals with people entering and leaving are scattered about.
  • Kassius learns that the Bazaar is run by a man named Magister Arkus.
  • The party sees four large statues surrounding them.

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