Shown: Stira’s Seal

Major Religions

Avakos tends to be a mixture of the following religions.

Major Political Power

Major Cities

Climate and Geography

The climate can be described as temperate and the geography is semi-mountainous.

Society & Culture

This nation is quite a bit more misogynistic than most. Women are not held in high regard outside of child-rearing, but the somewhat benefit to that is in cases where a woman is charged with a violent crime such as murder, it is hard to convict because the belief that women do not have the mental capacity to accomplish something like that most of the time.
Women are not treated badly in the sense of violence, but they are not taken very seriously in cases outside of dealing with children.

The town of Kindrenore is an exception to this as men are allowed to visit the town, but not live there. Women who want to get away from the patriarchy go to live here.


Avakos Year 0: This nation was founded by Anothin Ladishield one of the five members of The Shrouded Cloak. He set to build a prosperous nation, but only succeeded in mostly building a somewhat competent nation mostly of common farmer-folk due to the temperate grassy marshlands and rolling hills. He renamed the old city of Kurr and changed it to the capital city of Avakos, named Stonehaven. This was a prosperous city of craftsmen, but that is mostly where its technological advancement ended. The sorrounding area was made up of mostly simple farmers (Its other major cities fell to a similar fashion of development).

Year 2: Stonehaven doubles in size due to a large influx of people settling in Avakos due to its temperate non-harsh environment. Stonehaven establishes the first major religion and church of Godim.

Year 3: The mason guild is established in Stonehaven and its initial member count is roughly 75 masons. This guild would soon become a political powerhouse.

Year 5: The second major Avakos city of Gilithis is established. This is a sister city to Stonehaven, but is much more agriculture centric. Gilithis will eventually become the center of the Godim religion and church in Avakos.

Year 10: Major fires erupt in Stonehaven. The public secret is that the mason’s guild is fighting with Anothin Ladishield’s army over control of the capital and eventually Avakos.

Year 12: Anothin Ladishield is assassinated. The mason guild leader Antoni Yema takes temporary political control over Avakos until Anothin’s son Burk is old enough to lead the capital and nation. Conveniently Burk mysteriously dies several months later. The mason guild claims legitimate political power in the name of stability.

Year 25: Invasions from Ebbonhold occur due to apparently the nation of Ebbonhold wanting more resources for an army that they are building. Ulnor Haken apparently wants control over all of Noltaire and thinks that Avakos is a proper first step in taking control. He plans on using Avakos’ farms to feed his armies.

Year 30: After several large scale battles, the armies of Avakos manage to hold off the Ebbonhold armies from a full invasion. The war becomes a stalemate and turns into more of a war of politics and political unrest.

Year 32: The cites of Stira’s Seal and Forekon’s Run are established due to being the locations of two major battles of the Avakos-Ebbonhold war. They are established as a more permanent means of holding back Ebbonhold.

Year 51: A fighter hero named Amnythorn Goldenhilt tragically died in the Battle of Lormen in a way that did not shine fondly on her reputation. In an act to “Protect” Avakos’ women from this same fate, laws were made about women while Antoni Yema was in power that prohibited women from taking up the shield and sword.

Year 65: Tales of Amnythorn’s demise continue to be exaggerated in ways that make her out to be even more of a bumbling idiot that was true in reality. These tales are used to justify the oppression of women in Avakos.

Year 72: Antoni Yema, being old and feeble at this point is challenged by his oldest son Hrudus for rule of Avakos. Hrudus rallies allies around him in the argument that his father is old and feeble minded. Antoni is removed from the throne and dies to disease weeks later.

Year 74: The city of Elacarr is established. It is the first major city to exist far away from the capital city. It is established as a military stronhold, but quickly becomes a trade-hub for Avakos and also with the nearby nations of Ebbonhold and Dwandakaris.

Year 77: Tarn Ironstrike loses the Battle of Tor against Ebbonhold. It resulted in massive losses and ended in striking a deal and treaty. This was called the Tor Treaty.

Year 90: Political relations with Ebbonhold improve vastly as Avakos is more open to trading food with them for other goods.

Year 93: Massive droughts affect the lifestyle of the citizens of Avakos. Civil unrest and violence break out as the people of Avakos slowly starve. Hrudus’ son Dorma, takes up the crown and tries to subdue the civil unrest that is happening in Avakos.

Year 109: A small revolution happens in Avakos and the new political power now consists of the first guild master’s. The guilds are: smith guild, mason guild, merchant guild, artisan guild, and the guild of fighters.

Year 114: The keep of Sanctum’s Hammer is established. They are called The Order of the Book & Hammer It is build at the base of the mountains near Stira’s Seal.

Year 127: Gretta Mainore leads a group of young unmarried women away to start the city of Kindrenore. Fed up with the way women are treated they start their own settlement. Men of Avakos treat it like a non-threatening experiment that will fail in short order. They do not believe women will be able to make the town work on their own.

Year 129: The town of Kindrenore grows exponentially. Many young women move here, seeing it as a safe-haven from the rest of the misogynistic oppression in Avakos.

Year 130: Battle of Kindrenore. The women of Kindrenore are attacked by an army from Elacarr due to men fearing women leaving for this new city. Many women died in this battle, but the loses were far greater for Elacarr. A treaty between Avakos and Kindrenore is struck. It basically allows women to live there without harassment from the rest of the nation, but in return the women of Kindrenore agree to return any men to their fathers when they hit the age of 15. Up until this point, males born in this city were allowed to continue living there. This changed the rules so that men could no longer live there if they were older than 15.

Year 155: The Tale of Domere Stormhammer (a famous cleric) as told by the famous bard Timis Longsleeve spread amongst aspiring storytellers and song writers during this time.

“Domere Stormhammer, who descended into the Chasm of Norn.
He drank from the cursed waters of Mirrow’s Bend, and a beast he did skorn.
It bellowed from the deep deep dark, the river’s deepest shadows. The beast cast a dark twin of a shadow, a shadow that did blot out the sun. Domere took up his father’s shield and the family hammer and ascended the cliffs of Norn. Up he traveled swiftly with the spirit of his god Kerothas into the night’s cold dark embrace.

The beast exploded from the chasm bringing the magics and evils of hell with it. It coiled up into the sky and heavens. Its pale scaly rocky skin shimmering in the bright moonlight. The beast uncoiled spanned the distance of ten farm fields, perhaps more. It screeched in the night sky, its horridness traveled the sprawling countryside around it. It, being only described as a rocky grey slithering hell snake, swiftly glided toward the poor city of Folken’s Run.

Five days Domere Stormhammer rode his holy steed with the might of his god at his side. He chased the beast across the mountains of Emlen and through the Misty Spire forest. When it finally seems as though he would drop from exhaustion…He got his chance to face the beast. Just outside the city of Forken’s Run, he called out to the hellsnake, ‘I am Domere Stormhammer. I bring with me the might of my god Kerothas. Turn around and go back to whence you came beast or feel the wrath of my hammer.’ The beast narrowed its eyes at Domere and howled like a cyote at summer’s full moon. It then descended with the speed of a thousand horses upon Domere, spining and weaving with its thousand stony teeth.

Domere closed his eyes and slowly raised his mighty war hammer. He felt the presence of his god Kerothas and he was calm. He knew he would die this day, but he would also get to bask in glory at the gates of Volkiria. ‘Die foul beast of the dark depths!’ he yelled and swung his hammer with the might of one hundred warriors and the passion of ten thousand Kerothas disciples. Domere struck the beast with the might of the gods, the beast howled and plummeted into the stony earth. Domere was victorious, but it was at a cost. He was crushed by the beast’s rocky corpse. He had finally found his glory when he arrived at the gates of Volkiria."

Year 163: A statue of Domere Stormhammer is erected outside of the city of Forken’s Run. The rock skin beast’s corpse permanently becomes the “Barren Cliffs” outside of Forken’s Run. A legendary mage named Ternarious, sets up his sanctuary inside the inner walls of the beast. The beast has now actually turned to stone.

Year 165: Strange things have been going on at the Barren Cliffs for a couple of years now and the overall structure of the Barren Cliffs has changed. Stories of strange explosions and strange animal noises are reported to local authorities, but the authorities are keen on not going near the sanctuary.

Year 178: Ternarious dies unexpectedly and the townspeople dare not go near his mage’s sanctuary. Over time the sounds of strange creatures subdues and the town basically forget about the strange magical things going on at the sanctuary.

Year 179: A local group of three young boys go into the sanctuary and get attacked by a strange beast creature. The town’s officials decide to seal off the sanctuary from entrance by the town’s people. Rumors about what is in the sanctuary flourish for some time.

Year 257: Moss, shrubbery and fungus grow over a vast majority of the Barren Cliffs and the entrance to Ternarious’ sanctuary is lost. The Barren Cliffs are lost to time and plant life.

Year 285: A shadowy dwarf wanders into The Maiden’s Crest, a Gilithis Inn. This dwarf ranted about how the god Okyeran was very disappointed in the misguided nature of Gilithis’ people. The dwarf then proceeded to produce a ornate staff with the head of a golden phoenix. One man witnesses over twenty other people instantly disappear. The human, elf and halfling races of Gilithis proceed to round up every dwarf in the Gilithis area and exile them. The town decides to no longer allow dwarves to come to Gilithis.

Year 304: A man named Jarafuse finds the lost ancient city of Teirmill. He and a small group of settlers start the city of Teirnome. It is built on the ruins of Teirmill.

Year 336: The current Monarchy is overthrown and replaced by a council of wealth merchants. The five most wealth merchants run the government from the merchant guild building in Stonehaven.

Year 339: The city of Gilithis revolts against Stonehaven as the merchant guild raises taxes by 50%. The city of Gilithis loses in a battle against Stonehaven and the city of Gilithis becomes poor and crime-ridden.

Year 357: The City of Teramal is established. It is started by a mage named Ditto Thundercloak. He creates a magic device to levitate a large chunk of land and starts a floating city. Although it is located in Avakos’ skies, it operates as a separate entity outside of the Avakos government jurisdiction.

Year 365: A device guarded by golems which can detect nefarious thoughts is put below Teramal. They only allow entry to humanoids who are not of ill intentioned minds.

Year 387: The god Marnokus in an attempt to destroy the races of man (who he saw as a threat to his creations) built a portal in the “Royal Peaks”. This portal spewed forth Arcane creations that wrecked havoc on Avakos and also on the nearby areas of Ebbonhold. The beasts were finally beaten back after weeks of fighting and the perserverance of a Paladin of [[The Order of the Book & Hammer]] named Domain Elrith. It is said that some of the powerful arcane beasts survive to this day and are scattered across the lands of Avakos.

Year 403: The village of Stola’s Pass is attacked by a clan of vampires led by Sir Eton Lafore. The village manages to trap a large group of the vampires in the village church until the sun burns them to ash. Eton LaFore is weakened and swears his vengeance on the town. He claims he will return some day to wipe out the ancestors of the town.

Year 438: The infamous Madam Torda spouts the following prophecy in the middle of a busy city street of Stonehaven mid-day.

I cometh soon. You have been a pestilence on Noltaire. Soon I will rectify this. I will slay your and your childrens’ children. I cometh to babtise your lands in fire and in ice. I come to end you. I am Firroth the bringer.

Madam Torda then slumped to the ground and upon inspection she was dead. Scholars are not sure what this prophecy meant, but after many years of nothing coming to pass, this tail passed into legend.

Year 467: The nation of Avakos turns into a full on Aristocracy. It is run by the merchant’s guild by the 7 most influential members of the guild.

Year 489: Letenburr goes to war with Avakos over resources. Letenburr wants to conquer Avakos and use its people as slave labor to grow food for the Letenburr forces. This war comes to be known as the Plain-Peaks war.

Year 507: (Current Era): The Plain-Peaks war has been in a bit of a stalemate for many years. The war has been straining Avakos resources, and even more so for Letenburr.


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