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Climate and Geography

Warm lush forests and jungles stretch a vast majority of this nation.


Year 0: Lambodyn Fletch conquered this nation just after the betrayal of Sarkmal. He established Colwyn as a permanent settlement with the large well archery-trained army he led. He established himself as a military leader over the lands and appointed twelve other high ranking officials from his army to lead and oversea the different regions.

Year 5: A strange man lands on the shores of the town of the capital. No one seems to know who he is or where he came from. He was known to have been carrying some strange box with glowing runes which he tried to keep hidden as best as possible.

Soon after the nation of Dwandakaris disappeared from existence.

Year 337: Dwandakaris emerges from the mists of The Sacred Deep ocean. The geography and structure of the continent changed entirely since its disappearance over 300 years prior. The people living there have only legends of the time that the land left Noltaire and re-emerged from the dimension known as the Nether-Realm.

Since the disappearing, the cities of Milford Haven, Adula, Unity, and Kilmanashe have been established for centuries as well as several other villages.

Year 339: Foreigners visiting the island discover that since disappearing, not only has the island been reshaped, it has also brought back a rare earth metal that no other lands have. It is a metal used in smithing that is superior to the steels of other nations.


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