Major Religions

Infinitus – God of Fishing and prosperity
Limia – Goddess of arcane magic and beauty.

Major Political Power

Monarchy, the family of Silvertongue

Major Cities

Climate and Geography

Nation of Islands. Mostly warm humid climate, but the cities and villages are spread across large islands. This nation is a lot less urban and the vast majority of settlements tend to not be too big because of the limit of land to settle on makes having large cities difficult.


The general culture of Indromere is focus on simple living. There are not many farmers in the traditional sense of the mainland masses, so the populous gets a vast majority of its foodstuffs from fishing and local fruit trees. They do also participate in trade for grain foods from other nations, but these tend to be more expensive and reserved for nobility and wealthy merchants.

The people of these islands are hardened and prepared for weather from the sea such as tsunamis and hurricanes, but they are less prepared for war. They do not have a vast wealth of metals and other rare materials, but they do make a large chunk of money on the exotic fruits that they export to other nearby nations. Especially Avakos and Letenburr.

The western islands (nearest the capital) have the highest population of humans due to conquering and displacing the other races a bit. You will see more of a concentration of the other races as you get further from Sandranore.

Women are more often equal leaders of the household than many other nations, especially human households. This is due to a long history of strong female rulers. It was common for the oldest daughter to rule for the nation’s history as opposed to the oldest male.


Year 0: The Island of Indromere is settled by Raven Silvertongue. She is one of the five The Shrouded Cloak members and the only woman. She decides to conquer the region with a small army of her highly trained soldiers. The army sweeps through the natives of Indromere (which was largely dwarves and halflings at the time) and they establish the current settlement and capital of Sandranore.

Year 3: Raven Silvertongue has her first child (who is a girl) and decides that the throne should be controlled by the female heirs of the Silvertongue family. Thus starting a long tradition of female rulers.

Year 5: Raven has a son who she names Ja, then dies in childbirth. Alanora Thundercloak takes over the throne for about 10 years until the oldest daughter Torra is old enough to take the throne.

Year 15: Torra Silvertongue takes the throne at the age of 12 and marries a local wealthy merchant’s son named Germa Rettin. Torra decides to keep her last name which also starts the tradition of human women keeping their last names after marriage. Torra has 2 daughters 5 years later and names her eldest daughter Faye.

Year 37: Torra dies from an assault on the capital by the nation of Avakos. Faye takes her mother’s place at the throne and marries a wealthy ship fleet owner named Krotaus Goldena. Faye begins studies of the arcane arts with several tutors as she believes this will help protect the country and throne in future invasions of foreign powers.

Year 41: Avakos attempts another assault on Indromere, this time to permanently dethrone the current powers. Faye however, having studied the arcane magics studiously for 4 years played a large part in defeating the Avakos invasion. She used her ability to control the weather to create a massive tropical storm and sank most of the Avakos fleet before they even reached the shores of Sandranore. The Avakos army was so demoralized that they abandoned their campaign.

Year 45: Faye Silvertongue has two daughters, Temeni and Gerda. She decides that all Silvertongue daughters will study arcane magic so that they can protect the family throne.

Year 49: Temeni and Gerda begin their arcane studies. Gerda shows a lot of promise as a mage prodigy. The nation of Indromere talk about Gerda non-stop. This makes Temeni jealous and she starts to hold a resentment for her sister.

Year 69: Queen Faye is murdered. Temeni appears to be the person responsible. She stands trial and is found guilty of treason. Since she is of nobility, she does not get the usual death punishment, instead she gets life in prison, which is to be carried out in The Obsidian Tower. Gerda takes the throne after her mother’s murder.

Year 71: Gerda raises taxes by 30% to fund a war with Avakos. While the general populous is against it, they suffer their queen’s decision in silence. Gerda decides that the elves, dwarves, and halflings will be the bulk of the army. This causes tension between the races in Indromere.

Year 72: Indromere suffers massive loss in the war against Avakos. In response to this, Gerda raises the taxes by another 25%. She also decrees that the age of dwarves, elves, and halflings that are ready for war will be lowered. There are whispers on a revolution occurring.

Year 73: Temeni dies due to neglect and malnutrition. Her body is dumped in a shallow grave near the Obsidian Tower.

Year 75: Gerda has a daughter that she names Melody. and a son named Herden. Gerda develops a spell that allows her to make sure that all Silvertongue women will only have girls from that time on, further securing their female lineage in the throne.

Year 80: Melody has been studying the arcane for about a year and is showing promise of passing her mother in ability. Gerda is unsettled by this, but does not do anything so that she does not draw unwanted attention from the common-folk. She begins to second guess her decision for continuing the female throne bearers and tends to bringing up her son to eventually take the throne.

Year 90: Melody surpasses her mother in arcane ability. One night while going to see her mother in her royal chambers, she hears Gerda talking in her sleep about murdering her mother. Melody does not wake her mother and instead goes to developing a spell.

Year 91: Melody develops a truth spell that when cast will force the person it is cast upon to tell the truth for any question they are asked. She casts the spell into some flower and has that flower used to make into a cake. Later during a royal celebration where a large part of the royal court are present, Melody confronts her mother in front of everyone and asks if she killed Queen Faye Silvertongue. Gerda responds to her own horror that she did indeed kill the queen. Gerda is taken by the royal guards and she is to stand for trial the next day for treason.

The next day, Gerda is found guilty of the murder of Queen Faye and also is charged with perjury and murder against her sister Temeni. Gerda, due to such severe crimes is the first ruler in the nation to be sentenced to death. She is beheaded later that afternoon. Her son Herden is devastated over his mother’s death and swears he will end his sister Melody. He then flees the kingdom not to be seen for years.

Melody takes control of the throne and immediately ends the war campaign against Avakos much to the approval of the nation of Indromere. She then lowers the taxes back to what they were before the war. She goes on to be one of the most loved rulers of Indromere.

Year 94: Melody commissions a private arcane study to be built in a secluded location a ways from Sandranore. Only a few people know of its existence. It is known as Faye’s Keep. It is rumored amongst the common people of Indromere to be a wondrous and mysterious place.

Year 96: Melody marries a local stonemason guildmaster’s son. His name is Tevorn. She has her first daughter who they name Limia.

Year 98: Melody has a second daughter, Sadia.

Year 101: Melody’s brother Herden returns to the capital with a massive army. He made deals with the Avakos nation and leads a massive army of 15,000 men to the capital of Indromere. Tevorn has taken their oldest daughter Limia out horseback riding and they are captured by Avakos soldiers. Melody is forced to flee the capital with their youngest daughter Sadia to the secret study.

Herden takes the throne and Indromere comes under the control of Avakos. He has Tevorn killed and keeps Limia and raises her as his own daughter.

Melody gets wind of what has happened and is devestated. She begins to train herself and her daughter in the arcane so that they might one day retake the kingdom.

Year 107: Indromere has changed for what seems the worse. Much of their fish and exotic fruit exports have been basically commandeered by Avakos leaving the people of Indromere very poor. The same laws that occur toward women in Avakos are enacted in Indromere and for the first time in the nation’s history, women are treated as less than men. Men in the Avakos army are allowed to take any women they want as a reward.

Year 115: Some villagers of the town of Tempest More plan an assassination on Herden to try and return Indromere to the way things were. A mole reveals the planned assassination against the king and the villagers involved are put to death. Herden then decides to have the entire village of 300 people killed and burned to the ground as a warning to any other commonfolk.

Year 121: Melody who is past middle age at this point takes her daughter Sadia and leads a small army of Indromere commonfolk to storm the castle in Sandranore. Herden and his guards are overwhelmed by the assault and look to be defeated, however a local segment of the Avakos army shows up to assist. Sadia holds off the army with the villagers as Melody makes her way inside the castle. Melody goes to confront and kill her brother, but only enters the throne room to find that it was a trap. Melody is killed by several of the guards in front of Herden and her daughter Limia. Limia is so angered that she kills her uncle with a dagger she was hiding in her robes. Limia is then killed by the guards and lays dead on the floor with her mother.

Sadia manages to fend off the Avakos army with great loss to the villagers’ numbers. She makes her way inside the castle only to find that her mother, sister and uncle are dead. She is enraged and brings fire down upon her uncles guards.

Sadia proceeds to take the throne and lead able-bodied villagers against the rest of the Avakos army. She brings meteors down upon them and destroys most of them in molten fire. She proceeds to round the stragglers up and allows the women to enact their revenge on their rapists and captors. Many of the women kill their masters while even a few decide that castration would be a more befitting punishment.

Sadia takes the throne and reverses many of the draconian laws that were enacted by Avakos. Women find themselves at equal footing with the men once again.

Year 122: Sadia decides to take the hand of a woman instead of a man. They together decide to adopt a baby and name her Limia after her sister. They raise the girl to be the future ruler of Indromere.

Year 125: Limia proves to be a very strange child. She possesses the ability to use magic even without instruction. Sadia decides that they should start her arcane studies earlier than usual.

Year 136: Limia excels at her magical studies, but does not appear to have much interest in one day taking the Indromere throne. She is more preoccupied with the study of magic than serving the Indromere people.

Year 137: Limia does something that has never been seen before, even in magic. She creates a human being out of thin air with magic. She calls the girl (who has the appearance of the age of roughly 5 years old) Elyn. She tells her mother Sadia that Elyn will take her place as ruler. She feels that her life’s purpose is the study of magic. Sadia is saddened a bit, but agrees and begins to set Elyn on the path toward becoming queen.

It is said that Limia went on to challenge the gods and ascend to godhood herself.


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