King Cove



Built around an old keep once kept by a guild known as Tandy’s Mark. The building is now in the ownership and control of the countess Amala Matriarch. The town grew as a large fishing area and trade hub with other nations.


  • 20% human – Merchants, politicians
  • 45% elf (20% high elf, 25% water elf) – arcane casters, fishermen
  • 25% dwarf – tradesmen, fishermen
  • 10% halfling


The town is ruled by a countess, along with five viscountesses in the town.


Not quite a Matriarchy, but close. Women hold quite a bit of power in this city and they generally are more represented in the law and in political office. Men are not treated too poorly, but they are considered less influential in cases of law and in politics. That being the case it is not unusual to see women working a trade while men take a more involved role in child care.

notable places

  • The Magic Ghetto
  • Six-Tooth Tart Inn – Sabsi Stillhorn
  • The Yearning Maiden – Marla Sillhorn

notable people

  • Amala Matriarch(City’s Countess) – related by blood to the Silvertongue family.
  • Captain Marcus Splinterspear
  • The Shroud – Infamous local merchant
  • Marla and Sabsi Stillhorn – local twin sisters who own competing inns.

King Cove

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