Pictured Above: A common inn in the nation of Letenburr located in the village of Giteon’s Fire.

Noltaire: The Five Kingdoms

It has been over 500 years since Noltair split into the five kingdoms it is today: Avakos (Ava-Kos), Letenburr (le – ten – bur), Indromere (in – droh – meer), Dwandakaris (dwahn – da – car – is), and Ebbonhold (eb – bon – hold).

These five kindoms make up the new Noltaire, which was once a unified world under the rule of Sarkmal a human paladin.

Sarkmal was executed around 500 years ago after a roguish group named The Shrouded Cloak, looking to gain power inspired an insurgence against Sarkmal. They claimed that he was oppressing the common man with his attempts at forcibly converting the populace to one religion, his religion.

After the Coup, The Shrouded Cloak bickered over who would control the new world. The five most powerful members broke off and ended up creating the five nations that exist today in an attempt to seize full power over Noltaire.

Noltaire - The Five Kingdoms

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