Noltaire - The Five Kingdoms

Session 10

  • Kassius is confused with the evil god Tarathorn.
  • Kassius is asked to kill a woman and her children by Magister Arkus. Kassius decides to try kill the magister, but instead accidentally collapses the tent on the party.
  • Bruda charges one of the stone giants and opens the blue swirly potion and releases a large conjured castle from the bottle crushing much of the settlement.
  • Liall gets killed by a burst of fire created by the magical blue sword.
  • The Dragon Mage, Kanai joins the party.
  • Kassius buries Liall in the woods and plants a silver acorn on her plot which shoots up into a large silver leafed tree.
  • The head toward Solva and camp in the woods.
  • Kanai gets attacked by a spinned slug while on watch. Bruda cuts it and it scurries off.
  • The party gets to and sees Solva in the distance.



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