Noltaire - The Five Kingdoms

Session 11

I Must Find That Fancy Elven Man

Party finds guards picking on farmers asking them the whereabouts of the Bailiff's daughter.

The party travels into the forest nearby, where they run into goblins. They take them to their den where they meet the bailiff's daughter and she gives them a carpet and tells them of her captured friend at the capital of Stonehaven in Avakos.

They take the carpet to Sanctum's Hammer where they are given a letter from Kassius's mother and they also receive horses and ride toward the capital.

The party runs into a mountain range and tries to go through it to save a couple of days off the journey. Slavers try to attack the party, Bruda yells and awakens a dragon. Fight ensues. Party defeats dragon, finding 200 gold and a wispy semi-translucent cloth.

The party reaches the gates of Stonehaven.



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