Noltaire - The Five Kingdoms

Session 12

The Smell of Testosterone in the Air

The party enters the city to wide bustling streets and merchants set up at the edge of the streets selling goods.

Leeron goes at night to try to escort Enformille out of the jail cell. However he runs into some dark blue cloaked figures leaning up against the wall of the jail cell.

The captain of the guards meets with the party at the Three-Toothed Goblin Inn. The captain asks the party to meet with the head councilman.

The party meets with the bartender at the Three-Toothed Maiden in the slums of town. He hints to them to come back that night for information about the thieves guild

The party meets with the bartender that night and follows them into the streets and then they descend into a trap door next to a building. The bartender wans them of dangers below and the descend into the stairs below.

The party rescues Leeron from owl bears & a mantacore. They meet with the head mistress of the thieves guild and see Enformille. They agree to meet outside the entrance in the alleyway just before sun up.

Kassius wrote two letter to be delivered the morning after to be delivered one hour apart. First one to the barkeep of the Three-Toothed Maiden. The other to the captain of the gauds with the location of teh thieves den.

The party meets up with Enformille and flies out of the city on the magic carpet.



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