Sanctum's Hammer

They are loosely associated with the nation of Avakos.

Hierarchy of the Order:

  • Paladins
  • Clerics
  • Scholars
  • Master of Arms (paladins)
  • Master of Lore (clerics)
  • The council:
  1. Master of Arms – Head of the Paladins
  2. Master of Lore – Head of the Clerics
  3. 2 High Paladins
  4. 2 High Clerics
  5. The Grand Master – Chosen by the previous Grand Master

Life in the Keep:

A person is either born in the keep or taken in as a young child (sometimes an orphan, sometimes sent by their parents). They are not usually accepted past the age of 10.

Children train for 2 years in skills that both paladins and clerics utilize. The Master of Arms and the Master of Lore then decide which children will focus their additional training in being a paladin or in being a cleric. If the children have no aptitude in either, they are sent away or they stay in the keep as servants to the keep.

Paladins and Clerics will handle patrols. They usually do this in pairs.

The Clerics and Paladins are encouraged to go on a personal journey as young as 18 and roughly as old as 30. There are no set time limit for them to return.

It is common for paladins and clerics to eat in the grand mess hall at their own convenience.

The keep has the following amenities:
Trading Post (usually only outside training is done with the locals).

Grand Master

The current Grand Master is Kassius Elrith‘s mother Angela Elrith. Her being Grand Master has caused some political unrest especially with the council due to her being the youngest Grand Master in the order’s known history. She is respected by most followers of the order, but the other council members question if she has the experience to command the order properly.

Her son Kassius Elrith has been sent away on a personal journey to alleviate some of the political tension due to the council worrying that she will choose her son as the next Grand Master and further the trend of young “inexperienced” Grand Masters.

Toren Longplate

Toren Longplate is a bit infamous within Sanctum’s Hammer. He is a elderly paladin that refuses to retire or acknowledge that he is slowing down in his old age. His is roughly 60 years old and still goes on patrol regularly. He is the only paladin in recent history of the order to have taken 5 journeys outside of Avakos in his lifetime.

Sanctum's Hammer

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