The original capital of Indromere. It was established around 500 years ago. At the time it was built over the top of a large water elf city.

population: ~50,000

  • 80% human
  • 5% elf (95% water elf)
  • 5% dwarf
  • 5% halfling
  • 5% misc


Monarchy – Korana Silvertongue – “Korana The Swifthand”


Very human-centric even though 20 percent of the population is made up of non-humans. There are several businesses and inns, etc that do not allow non-humans patronage. Women are heads of households and often do not live with men they have offspring with. Most property is owned by women and passed from mother to daughter. The men who are considered the “best” for breeding are treated like kings, the average men are not generally treated like dirt, but they have little say in government. The men are allowed to own businesses and the like, but they are not as common as women doing so.

Men are still the primary foot soldiers and militia, however it is very common to see women in less combatant higher command.

notable places

The Tokolim: a very large building where the bulk of merchant trade is performed. The city generally prohibits trade without a license outside of this building. Any other business operating in the city has a license to trade and is strictly regulated by local guilds. The Tolkim is for traveling merchants, etc to do trade and is regulated by the city.

Thieves Row: An infamous section of the city where both accomplished and up and coming thieves reside. Most of the black market trade in the city happens here. The average citizen does not know the location of this underground area. The ruling class is aware of it, but has extended a treaty of convenience to allow it to continue to exist and operate if the city is paid 20% of the trade. The general public is not supposed to be aware of this fact and it is considered a public secret.

Big Shelved Maid: Famous local tavern known for their drink, food, and live entertainment.

Tempered Steel: Infamous local blacksmith shop where Myria Longsington does her dwarven blacksmithing.

notable people

Korana Silvertongue – queen and ruler of Indromere

Myria Longsington – Local Dwarven blacksmith. A human woman trained in dwarven blacksmithing technique and will usually only take on jobs that she finds worthy of her skill and time.

Iminore – Captured and bound angel of the goddess Pangea. He is bound with magical chains at the city square as a symbol of the goddess Limia’s power. Iminore has been bound here for years and is usually treated very poorly by the locals as most are followers of Limia.


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