The Shimmering Tower

Solva, also known ironically as "The Shimmering Tower" is one of the five large settlements of Indromere. While it is a visual sight to behold, the reality of life there is much different from appearance.

The city is run by a tyrant from the top known as Hrymore Urshmal. The city itself is lived in tiers, with the most wealthy and powerful sitting at the top and in general the most destitute at the bottom. The only exception to this is the farmers who live around the tower outside the city. They are not wealthy, but live a modest life. The trade off is that they do not receive the protection of the tower in times of war.

The general concentration of wealth and power from top to bottom:

  • Tip: Earl Hrymore Urshmal's fortified living quarters and official governement sanctuary.
  • Top 10%: Members of the royal court (~50-200 people).
  • Next 15%: Servants of the royal court & royal gaurds. (~500)
  • Next 10%: Baliff Emert Loadstone & the city guard. (~ 1000)
  • Bottom 65%: slums, full of commoners, rift-raff and the poorest of the city. (~35,000)
  • Outside: Farmers (They live better than the bottom of the tower, but are prone to being raided by nearby ruffians and highwaymen. (~5,000).

The lower 65% of the city and outskirts are kept in order by the baliff. The baliff is a corrupt man and so are his guards. They will often turn cheek when shady dealing take place or kidnappings happen, etc unless they find it in their interest to make a profit off of it. They have no interest in upholding the law, just keeping the populous in line.

The lower 65% of the tower is very crowded and slum-like. Putting food on the table can be difficult for much of the common-folk. Often favors (of several kinds) are traded between the townspeople and guards for food, protection, etc.


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